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Why to Remove the Background of a Photo?

Yes, you heard it right. In this article we are going to discuss why to Remove the Background of a Photo.

We have heard a lot about background removal service using clipping path, photo masking, shadow making, etc. but encase you are wondering why it is important, this article is for you.

What is Background ?

Now what is the background? why it is even important since we should be focusing on the product. Because we are only going to use the product for e-commerce or printing not the background.

Well, the answer is the background of a product play very important role to make it look great or worse. If you take a look at the below images you will see the subject is focused in all the photos clearly and all the thanks goes to the background.

Why Background Remove is Important ?

Now the next question should come to your mind, why we should remove the background then?

Well, it’s not always recommended to remove the background. But for some shoots it’s hard to spend more time and setup to find the best background. Specially for the e-commerce shoot. In that case it is easy to shoot on a plain background then remove the background and use suitable backgrounds using Photoshop.

Which is much easy and time / cost saving way. Sometimes the perfect background also require a little touch of photoshop retouching.

Moreover, the background of the photo is not the focusing point but it surely helps the subject to be focused. So choose wisely for your next shoot whither you keep the background or remove the background to use something that suits your product better.

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Below Photographers helped us to visualize you the samples,

Matthew Henry

Sarah Pflug

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