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Simple DIY Guide for Product Photography for E-commerce / online shops

(Please keep in mind that, this guide is for those who own a small e-commerce / online store and can’t afford a professional Product Photographer or Photo studio.)

To sell a product online surely you need a photo of that product. Now the quality of that product photo determine the sale. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you always need to put a higher budget for your product photography or hire a product photographer. Even sometimes the selling product is even less priced to afford any photography cost on it.

So here is some basic you can do to make your product photo beautiful and at the same time reduce a lot of cost.

Below are some basic equipment you will need,

# Camera

# Tripod

# Plain Background

What do you need for Product Photography ?

Remember, it’s not about the camera or setup it’s about the product you wish to sell.

You don’t need a crazy camera system. Remember you need a beautiful Image of your selling product not a professional image for printing or magazine. Even a smartphone with higher megapixel should works. But if you are excited about your first project and have budget you can explore some cameras and macro lenses.

To get the most depth of field you’re going to set your camera to a very small aperture. The width of the depth of field defines the area of sharp focus, and to get to that you need the largest f/stop number your camera can obtain.

Shutter speed Tutorial

Shutter speed and f/stop are related, and since a larger f/stop number like f/8 lets in less light, you’ll need to counter than by using a slower shutter speed to allow more light through. When a camera has a slow shutter, you can’t hand hold it or the subject will be blurry – so a tripod is your answer. It shouldn’t cost you more than $20 – $30.

I am sure nobody wants to focus the background over your selling product. That’s the primary reason you need the plain background. Besides it will reduce some of the Photoshop retouching as well encase you wish to add some after-shoot beautification. It shouldn’t cost you much. As far I am knowledge the price starts from $7 at ebay, Amazon, etc.

Now that you have got all the necessary equipment, depending on the product you should select the light and environments that bring out the best of your selling product.

What’s More?

You can also take some advice from available friends. You may not find the good one at once so keep shooting. And keep in mind that you might also need some post-processing or Retouching help after you find the good one.

Good luck. I will leave some of the product photography samples end of the article also the photographers information.

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Photos used in this article are by below Photographers,

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